Celebrate Mother’s Day with Exxus Vape

May 8, 2024by Ian Black
Celebrate Mother’s Day with Exxus Vape

It’s that time of year again… Mother’s Day! Yes, the #1 holiday you do not want to let pass by on the calendar without letting your Mom, significant other, or Mother figure know how much they mean to you just by being there! Luckily the date has not yet passed, so there is still time to make sure your gift checks all the boxes and is a proper representation of how much this person means to you.

Everyone likes to be celebrated, so it’s important to take the time to make sure those closest to you feel that extra special love on this important day. That’s why we wanted to get together a couple of awesome potential gifts that will guarantee this Mother’s Day is as happy as can be!

Woman holding Exxus Slim 2 in front of blank wall

The Easy Pick Up

For the easiest of gifts to purchase, there lies the Slim 2.0 Cartridge Vaporizer with its sleek small design and bonus built in stylus tip. The Slim is fully 510 threaded compatible so it is sure to work with a wide swath of cartridges and uses auto-draw functionality to provide a very simple operating experience. The included stylus tip works perfectly with touch screen phones and tablets to provide an easy way to scroll or draw on the screen. This one is great for those who love to doodle or prefer to use a stylus when operating their phone.

The Slim 2.0 offers enough punch to work as a stand alone gift, while also being able to work as a part of a larger whole if you wanted to build a vape package. On top of this the Slim 2.0 has a huge range of 10 different bespoke colors that are more complex and layered than typical schemes. Some of the amazing highlights include rose, sunset, raven, galaxy, and gold.

Woman holding Exxus Adapt under green studio lighting

Give the Gift of Cartridge Vaping

For all of your loved ones that happen to be cartridge fans, look no further than the Adapt Cartridge Vaporizer! This awesome cartridge vape represents a significant step up from your standard pen style battery without breaking the bank, the perfect thoughtful gift. They’ll be quick to notice its great easy to read OLED screen, which provides them with all the detailed session information they’ll need, like a puff counter and current voltage rating.

As opposed to a rigid disposable pen, the Adapt features incrementally adjustable voltage settings to allow you to incrementally adjust the voltage from 2 - 4.2v, to provide a range of options to those still figuring out their preferred settings.

Plus you can park your fears of gifting an incompatible vape by knowing the Adapt is able to adapt carts up to 2 grams in size and features an opening with adjustable height & width to ensure it works with all of their favorite brands.

Additionally the Adapt has a host of pleasant colors that are sure to please Mom including options like a pretty purple, a mellow red, and a springtime green!

Woman in boots holding Exxus Mini Plus under sunshine

Gift a Vaporizer For All Seasons

Going in a completely different direction, the Mini Plus Vaporizer is a perfect all in one hybrid between dry herbs and concentrates that is the perfect device to have on hand. Mother’s Day is all about celebrating those who have taken care of you, so why not return the favor by giving them a device that can cater to both dry materials and concentrates to ensure this becomes their favorite gift all year round.

Built with an ergonomic grip to ensure it feels good to hold, the Mini Plus is only 4 inches long so it’s the perfect packable device that easily fits in purses or backpacks. From an aesthetic level the Mini Plus looks both professional and very mature for a vaporizer by eschewing the traditional vaporizer flair for a more utilitarian device. This makes it a great option for those who like to vape, but aren't into all the surrounding hype.

This truly is a premium gift as the Mini Plus comes complete with haptic feedback for easy operation, adjustable temperature from 320 - 410˚F to allow for hits as smooth as they prefer, and convenient micro usb charging.

Take your pick between 6 available colors to make sure your Mother’s Day gift recipient has a smile on their face as soon as they take the wrapping paper off!

Woman in denim jacket holding Exxus Go Plus in front of blue studio background

The Crown Jewel Gift

To give the gift that truly keeps giving all year round, consider the Go Plus Concentrate Vaporizer for all of your Mother’s Day needs. This top shelf rig is truly the ultimate vape gift, thanks to its easy to understand functionality and unparalleled performance. To accomplish this the Go Plus is equipped with both a manual and an automatic mode, to give a choice between a guided experience or a more personalized one.

Powering the whole enterprise is a truly massive 5,200mAh battery that allows for temperatures all the way up to 932˚F. This battery completely blows all others out of the water, and allows for long sessions without worrying about charging. This means less barriers in between your Mother’s Day giftee and them enjoying some of the most premium clouds on the market.

For an extra cherry on top, the Go Plus is water filtered to dodge harsh hits and only provide the most silky smooth of clouds. If you really want to leave an impression this Mother’s Day, consider pulling out the Go Plus!

In Conclusion… Don’t Forget Mother’s Day!

If there is one take away from this blog you have today, it’s don’t forget Mother’s Day this weekend! Make sure to set a reminder for yourself to call and take the time to hop on Exxus Vape to check out these three guaranteed gift winners! For more insights and highlights from our team, be sure to check out our Exxus Vaporizer Blog!