Why You Need a Tiny Vape in Your Life!

Jun 19, 2024by Ian Black
Why You Need a Tiny Vape in Your Life!

From Sabrina Carpenter and Tom Holland, to ozempic and espressos, embracing the smaller things in life is clearly having a moment right now.

Keeping in this spirit of less is more, we are embracing the miniature by letting you know why you need a tiny vape in your life!

Good things truly do come in small packages, which is why by the end of this Exxus Blog you will know all the talking points for spreading the good word about tiny vapes and what some awesome potential purchases are to get you started!

Unlimited Portability Opportunities

First amongst the incredible benefits of a tiny vape is the simple fact that thanks to their reduced body size, these batteries are able to come everywhere and anywhere!

That means your vaping is never going to be hampered by not being able to bring it along, all you need is a purse or tiny shirt pocket to slide your vaporizer into and it's off to cloud city!

The Exxus Claro Cartridge Vaporizer is perfect for this as in addition to its small stature, it has been equipped with a built-in key loop so that you can attach your battery to whatever lanyard, backpack, or bracelet you desire!

This means bringing it along truly has never been easier and thanks to the loop you have that extra level of safety so that you never accidentally misplace your little guy.

Additionally thanks to their small size these vaporizers can come along for the ride in other common containers, such as your sunglasses case or beach bag.

Man holding Exxus Claro in front of purple studio background

Much More Discreet

Another benefit to having a vaporizer of the petit variety, is that you are afforded a whole lot more discretion in your cloud blowing whether you are at home or out on the town.

That means you are in total control of who is able to view your vaporizing and you don’t have to announce to the world with a massive rig that you are enjoying some concentrate if you do not want to.

Vaporizers like the Claro which measure in at just over 2” tall, thus they can fit fully within the palm of your hand. This lets you disguise your cartridge and allows you to take as many stealth hits as you need all with the comfort of full discretion.

Furthermore some models like the Rizo Cartridge Vaporizer feature a concealed cartridge system that both protects and conceals your oils with a hard shell body. This works double time to both protect your oil cartridges and prevent any prying eyes from viewing exactly what you are vaporizing.

All the Same Features as Larger Batteries

Thanks to the impressive leaps in technology vaporizing has made over the past decade, you no longer have to make any compromises with a small vaporizer when it comes to included quality of life features.

These smaller batteries are now able to do everything that their larger counterparts can, all with the added benefits of being much less bulky.

For example the Rec Cartridge Vaporizer still manages to pack in a 400mAh battery, massive OLED screen, and 4 preset voltage settings. All of these amazing features have been condensed and shrunk down to work perfectly at these small sizes.

These upgrades even go so far as to let the Claro include incrementally adjustable voltages from 1.8 - 4.2v all with built in dedicated buttons.

This is absolutely amazing for such a tiny vaporizer and is indicative of how your smaller device has every single feature that the larger ones do.

Man holding Exxus Rec

Save $$$

Yes! One of the best parts of these smaller vaporizers is that they will save you money! That means you can get all of these amazing features and bonuses all for a discount on what you would normally pay!

Our Rec and Claro models are both incredibly competitively priced and represent an unparalleled amount of value for their cost. That means you can save your money on battery costs and spend it on more cartridges to enjoy!

Easier to Keep Clean

One last bonus to consider when switching over to a tinier vape, is that when it comes time to clean your device it's going to be much easier!

As there is less surface area and crevices for any dirt to build up, you are going to have a significantly easier time maintaining and cleaning your vape.

With the use of a simple sanitary wipe, you can have your vaporizer all cleaned up in less than a minute! That way you can always know that your vape is 100% clean and always ready to give you the clouds you need.

A Tiny Conclusion

So the next time you bring your tiny vape to the session and someone says “what is that, a vape for ants?” you know exactly what to say to let them know what they're missing out on.

When you’re ready, go ahead and choose your favorite tiny Exxus vaporizer and get it delivered to you for some Summer enjoyment!

For more vaporizer insights and tips, make sure to check out the rest of our postings over at the official Exxus Vaporizer Blog!